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Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd is a non-profit making organisation based in the North West of England. Since 1997 we have been involved in the management and promotion of European projects concerned with culture, heritage, archaeology and the environment. We are promoters of the Erasmus + Programme and provide funded training opportunities through this programme to UK students, recent graduates and young workers. This website contains details of our current European training opportunities and gives an overview of other work, either completed or currently being undertaken by Grampus, both in the UK and abroad. If you experience any problems with this website, or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grampus Heritage and Training Case study as Erasmus+ website


Since Grampus was formed in 1996, we have tried very hard to make our vocational training offers serve a function to bring people together to learn, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or language.  In Cyprus, after the “Green Line” was officially opened in 2003, work between Greek and Turkish Cypriots has steadily increased and with Panayiota Demetriou, Behice Sönmez Biran, Maria Pantas, Senay Ekingen, Sarper Ince, Serhat Selışık, Esra Fügen Paşaoğlulari, Nadir Aydin, Sotia Adamidou, Curtis Karallis and Zora Kizilyurek, we have made great strides forward to bring Greek and Turkish Cypriots together to learn and become friends. In 2012 Martin Clark, Director of Grampus spoke at the PRIO Peace Conference in Nicosia about our bi-communal work along with Panayiota Demetriou. The “Traditional Textiles into Fashion” initiative focuses on the bi-communal element with Panayiota and Behice taking a lead.

Elsewhere in Europe and further affield, Grampus has been involved with other groups who formerly were locked in strife….

1999-2001 in the former Yugoslavia, working for UNHCR to bring Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs together for training and business development in the rural sector, based around Mostar

1996 to present in Slovakia and northern Hungary working with the ethnic Hungarian minority (in Slovakia) to encourage linking with their Slavic neighbours – specifically with the Ipel Union and Lišov Museum and villages such as Ipelsky Sokolec and their school

2006 – “HUMEN” art project “How to Understand My European Neighbour” bringing artists and art teachers together from 12 EU and pre-accession states with a complex of ethnicities, religion and languages.

1996 to present. In Kenya working through art and fashion to ensure that Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters work together and share the legacy of such a creative and productive multi-tribal and ethnicity society. Specifically with Manyatta and Kishoka Youth Groups.



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