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Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills – PEATS

European Archaeology Placements

Covid – 19 – Successful applicants need to inform us of their vaccination status. This will not be the deciding factor on the application, but will allow us to assist them with looking into any additional testing the applicants may need, as some countries have slightly different rules for anyone not vaccinated.

PEATS Application form

Our placements are being organised for 2022. Some of the early ones will be open for applications soon. Please keep checking these pages or our Facebook page, as we are constantly updating placement details.

It may be towards Easter when some of our hosts start giving us dates, but if you are interested in some of the placements, please send in your form and we will be in contact with you.

Background Information

PEATS includes placements that ran under the previous PETS project. The programme was developed by Grampus Heritage and a vast network of European partners working within the heritage sector. The aim of the initiative is to enable students from the UK to gain sufficient practical experience in Archaeological skills across Europe, in order to enter the workplace. Since the beginning of the programme, Grampus Heritage has sent over 300 students from the UK to work in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia. All placements will be for the duration of 4 weeks.

Eligibility and How to Apply

The environmental PEATS placements are open to students who wish to gain experience of Archaeological skills throughout Europe. Participants must have a UK address and are required to attend the full placement duration. To apply participants are required to complete the application form and return it by post to Grampus Heritage along with a written reference (preferably by a lecturer or employer) and a copy of the participants’ passport photo-page. Please read and complete the application carefully. Incomplete applications will not be considered. There is no strict submission deadline for this programme as we receive, review and allocate places to successful applicants until placements are filled. The website is regularly updated so placements will be specified as full as and when this happens. Why not contact us to express your interest or to discuss eligibility either via email at or telephone on 016973 21516.

Successful applicants will complete ECVET “Sustainable Rural Development, Focus on Culture and Nature” modules during their placement. These will be recorded on applicants Europass Mobility Documents. These modules are practical modules and are included in the itinerary.

In addition to the environmental work and experience, participants will have the opportunity to go on cultural visits and during free evenings and weekends to gain a broader experience of the host country and culture. All applicants should be aware that most PEATS placements involve a degree of physical work. As a contractual condition of the funding, participants will be required to complete an online feedback form based on their experience, issued via email by our funders from the EU Erasmus + scheme. All participants will also be accredited with a certificate, written by the European host partner and a Europass Mobility document, demonstrating the archaeological experience they have gained throughout the course of the programme. If needed, an Archaeology Skills Passport will be provided.

EU Erasmus + and Turing Funding

PEATS placements are funded by the EU Erasmus + and UK Turing schemes which covers:

Return UK flights (travel from a major UK airport designated by Grampus),

Travel insurance,

Accommodation which is basic, shared and arranged by host partners

Subsistence allowance if the accommodation is self catered for all or part of the placement duration. this will depend on each placement.

Flights and travel insurance are booked by Grampus Heritage in the UK and tickets are then sent out to participants (via post or email), along with other documents in an information pack.

Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support OLS

As part of the funding, some successful applicants will be required to do a language course through the Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support website. All applicable applicants are required to do this. Successful applicants will receive an email from the OLS website inviting them to do the first, second and course stages of the language course before and after their placement. The applicants will be given a language grade, and it is suggested that the applicant creates a language passport to record the grades achieved.


We are still running our 1 week placements for staff and tutors to all of the advertised host partners. Contact us for more details.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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