PEATS Finland – Stone Age Centre, Kierikki


Number of UK Participants: TBC
Duration: 32 days

PEATS Application form

Accommodation: Room sharing in apartments in a converted school building, with shared kitchen in Yli-li

Meals: Food provided at the accommodation to make breakfast and evening meal from. Lunch will be provided from the museum café.

Communication: wifi is available in Yli-li, mobile networks readily available (you will need to check with your provider), computer with internet available during working hours.

Transport: Bicycles and helmets provided to get to and from site, transport arranged for organised cultural activities. This is quite a rural location.

Weather: Quite unpredictable. In the summertime the temperatures vary between 10 and 30 degrees C, and the evenings especially can be chilly.

This is quite a rural placement, so please bear this in mind and read past participants reports.

The Kierikkikangas Stone Age Excavations are hosted by the Kierikki Stone Age Centre which has been running an international archaeological field school for several years. For more information, please visit their website or their facebook page. There are some EXARCH articles about some of the work under taken during the placement written by Dr Peter Groom available on the EXARCH website

There is an additional article about the work undertaken during a past placement by Christopher Woodland which can be found here

The coastline of the Baltic extended to Kierikki around 7000 – 5000 years ago. Since then, land rise has moved the mouth of the River Iijoki 30 km westwards. Five thousand years ago, the population was concentrated close to the coast in several large villages, the remains of which have been preserved nearly untouched in the area stretching from the village of Yli-Ii eastwards to the Pahkakoski rapids. This complex constitutes one of the most important archaeological sites in Finland. In 1993, archaeologists from the University of Oulu discovered the rich Kuuselankangas site, and a few years later the prehistoric wood deposits of Purkajasuo bog. Since then, the region has been the focus of continuing archaeological research under the combined auspices of the University of Oulu and the National Board of Antiquities.

The UK participants will be working alongside Finnish archaeologists on this interesting site. It is open to the public, so there will be a community archaeology element to the placement. The main aim of the placement will be to complete the excavation of a Stone Age house depression and, time allowing, to complete some test pits in the area. The group will also be working in the village on reconstruction of buildings and other tasks. The village is located less than half a kilometre from the Stone Age Centre which will be open to visitors. Participants will be required to interact with tourists and site visitors as the wooden pathway to the Stone Age village goes through the site. Tour guides usually show visitors stone polishing or archery and there will be opportunities for participants to take part in some experimental archaeology, depending on skills, experience and interests. The group will also work on some of the reconstructed buildings in the village. Participants will also be taken on field trips in the surrounding area to visit different kinds of sites and monuments and visit Oulu University’s archaeology department and laboratory.


The group will be staying in Yli-Ii, Pahkakosken kartano. The place is an old school, build around 1950´s. The group will have apartments, which have 3 rooms and a kitchen, so there will two-three persons living in one room. There is also a large living room with a pool table. There is a wireless network (wlan) in the house. They do not have a computer for you to use, but you can use a computer with Internet connection at the Stone Age Centre main building during your work days. There is a washing machine for you to use. Outside there is a sauna building and a small swimming pond. The group will be given bikes to use but there will be chances to go get shopping from the nearest town (6km away). You will prepare your lunch and evening meal from food provided at the hostel and lunch will be served at the stone age centre.


The Erasmus + grant will cover accommodation, food (3 meals a day), return, flights, insurance, airport transfers in Finland, transport to site and supervision. Participants will have to make sure they have their EHI card and budget for personal purchases and excursions.

As with all our placements, participants are joining partner excavations. These are not UK led excavations. The group will be learning different methods and techniques that are used for this particular site, so must expect differences in how the site is run.

If you are interested in this placement, then the application form is available to download on the PEATS Archaeology main page.

For past participants feedback, please refer to our Participants Reports page.

More information

The nearest small towns are Ii (30 km) and Kiiminki (26 km). For free weekends (Sun and Mon), you can plan your programme yourselves. We will also arrange a possibility for you to stay in Oulu (the biggest city nearby – 50 km from Yli-Ii) some weekend. A 2 day trip to Lapland is included in the placement. If you want to visit other places, you can ask for our help e.g. with booking accommodation or transportation. Note that these trips will be in your own expense.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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