PEATS ICELAND – Excavation

PEATS Iceland – Excavation

Number of UK Participants: TBC
Duration: 32 days



Accommodation: Room sharing in a house, sleeping bag needed  (TBC for 2019)

Meals: mix of catered and self catering

Communication: wifi is available in accommodation

Transport: transport arranged to get around between accommodations and to site if needed

Weather: cooler than UK in the northern part, similar to UK in and around Reykjavik.

We are sending a group to our long term partner, Dr. Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir, Professor of Archaeology at the National Museum & University of Iceland.

The group will be assisting on 2 projects:

Excavations at Þingeyrar (Thingyrar):

We anticipate the main focus of the 2019 placement to be on the excavation of the monastery at Þingeyrar. More details soon…



The Erasmus + grant will cover return flights, accommodation, food (3 meals a day, extra food and drink will be funded for by participants), airport transfers and supervision. Participants will have to make sure they have their EHI card and take money for personal purchases and excursions.

If you are interested in this placement, then the application form is available to download on the PEATS Archaeology main page.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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