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Duration: 32 days


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We are still waiting on the 2021 season aims. Below is a description of previous placement’s work. The labs will be a similar set up.

This is a placement for anyone who wishes to increase both their fieldwork and post excavation experience. Our partners, Etruria Nova, are excavating a row of shops in an area known as Regio 7, Insula 14.

Previous seasons were concentrated in shops 1-4. During the excavations, it was discovered that the latest phase of shops before the 79AD eruption were built on top of rubble from the 62AD earthquake. In this rubble, pieces of painted frescos from the previous buildings were found. In workshop 1, they found evidence of similar set up to the pre-earthquake building. The rest of the shops included walls of previous pre-earthquake buildings, giving evidence of the earlier phases of Pompeii. There is a bit more information in the panel at the top of this page, which is available to download.

The 2018 season will be completing the excavation of the workshops investigated in part in 2017. At the same time, there will be a series of workshops on materials recovered during the excavation (ceramics, animal bones, restoration of coins and metals, frescos ) and the stratigraphy of the wall elevations.

The excavation campaign in 2017 focused on the workshops of the civic 1, 3, 7 and 8. The phases preceding the eruption of 79 AD were highlighted: the current structure of the shops is the result of a profound transformation that took place after the earthquake of 62 AD. In the previous period, the area where the shops were later built was occupied by a domus sannitica, the presence of which is testified by fragments of walls that draws the profile of some environments. Some pits are in relationship with the open space of the domus. The earliest phase is dated at the moment to the IV -III century BC, as suggested by the ceramics and the bronze coins recovered so far.

Accommodation will be based in flats a short walk from the site. You can see photos and videos from this years excavation at Pompeii (and others that have gone on during their seasons) on Etruria’s Facebook page. They constantly update their website as they go, so keep referring back to it for more information


The Erasmus + grant will cover return flights, transport to the pick up point, accommodation, food, transport to site and supervision.  Participants will also have to make sure they have their EHI card. They will also have to budget for extra food (meals out, extra snacks) excursions and personal purchases.

If you are interested in this placement, then the application form is available to download on the PEATS Archaeology main page.

For past participants feedback, please refer to our Participants Reports page

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