Abbey Town Survey and Excavation

Grampus has been working at Holme Cultram with members of the West Cumbria Archaeology Society since the summer of 2006. The main objectives of the survey and excavation was to try and find the original foundations as part of the Society’s investigation into the history and archaeology of the Abbey. The subsequent excavation was a success, with a South wall of the Cloister, East wall of the Refectory and a drain being found in one trench. Two graves with an associated grave stone were also found. The grave stone had the date 1430 on it and was probably the stone of a Clerk.

Since the first successful survey and community excavation, more work has taken place since 2006, still focussed around the area of Holme Cultram. A survey was carried out at the end of March that focussed on Kiln Close Field, located to the East of the Abbey. The last survey and fieldwork associated with the Abbey was carried out at New Cowper, looking for a chapel associated with the Abbey.

If you would like more information about the ongoing work at Abbey Town, please contact us, or look at the Society’s Facebook page, which will have updates about when and where they have organised field work.