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02th-09th June 2022, Germany


The organizing body of the workshop ALITHE is an educational institution in the Dübener Heide nature park.It is located in the village of Pressel near the city of Leipzig The accommodation is a small country hotel with good facilities – double or single rooms, shower and toilet. We have breakfast together and dinner takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. We will have lunch and a small snack in the afternoon on the way. Please let us know the date and time of arrival flight number with. We pick you up from the airport in Berlin. Arrival identifier is EITA. Please tell us, if you have special meals (vegetarian, vegan, allergic). We plan with 10 participants (2 participants per organization). Please order accommodation by single and double rooms.

Our actions of the ALITHE project takes place in the region of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. We get to know institutions and people who are dedicated to traditional craftsmanship to have. We see small businesses, clubs and institutions that preserve old traditions with a lot of arrangement and enthusiasm.



Arrival and dinner together


03.06.2022      –

The museum village includes the oldest and well-preserved water mill in the region, the newly renovated show workshops, a small bakehouse, a field barn and smithy, as well as the bat and mill garden, complete with historic beekeeping. Here we experience old handicraft traditions in a concentrated way and are up close to the experts of traditional of traditional handicrafts.



We get to know the employees and volunteer members of the region’s landscape conservation association and support a group in tending an old meadow orchard and will trim the mistletoe branches in the plant.

After lunch we visit a former lignite mine. Here it is demonstrated how the environmentally harmful  intervention in nature was changed to the benefit of the people.



Small round trip Dübener Heide.Visit to the historical museum in Eilenburg the director guides us through the history of the Saxon region and demonstrates the development of crafts and trades.

The exhibition focuses on the more than 1000-year history of the city. The museum shows evidence of regional history from the 10th to the 19th century.

A special attraction shows living school history in an originally furnished classroom the 1920s.

We visit the trade fair city of Leipzig. It has 597,500 inhabitants and is the most populous city in Saxony and central Germany. At Pentecost they experience what is known all over the world Wave-Gotik-Treffen: Exploring the most gothic festival on Earth.



Whit Monday is traditionally the national mill day in Germany. We have many mills in our region that are still intact. We will visit the millers and will take part in the population’s mill festivals at some mills. We are mobile and ride our bikes through the woods and fields to the mills.



We visit a historic locksmith’s shop and blacksmith’s workshop Here the old tradition of blacksmithing is demonstrated and we get insights into how traditions are preserved with a lot of commitment.

We visit Petra Schütze’s pottery workshop.“Drinking from a simple clay mug, eating from plates hand-turned on the potter’s wheel is a sensual pleasure.” ( Petra Schütze)  We let ourselves be inspired by craftsmanship and try to fathom our manual skills ourselves.

Ferropolis the city of iron. We experience impressive giants of the industrialization of our epoch. In December 2005, Ferropolis was officially included in the European Route of Industrial Heritage.



On the last day of our workshop we will be shown how old handicraft techniques are used in a forge. In the Widdermann smithy we see and experience artistic handicraft products and experience the difficulty of the blacksmith’s craft ourselves.

One of the most traditional companies in the Dübener Heide is the Voigt rope factory. The company was founded in 1898 by master rope maker Gustav Voigt. The range of products was adapted to the needs of craftsmen and farmers. It included sheaf and pantograph tapes, cover nets for cattle trucks, sausage nets and sausage twine, farm linen,   hay ropes, transmission ropes, obstetricians for horses and cattle, whip cords and pull cords for carriages. Today the company is highly modern and supplies products all over the world.


09.06.2022      Departure of the participants You will be driven to the airport