Celebrating Seasons

Celebrating Seasons

The “Celebrating Seasons” project has been funded by the Grundtvig programme, which funds opportunities for adult education organisations, staff and learners. It is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme and has 2 key objectives:

A) to respond to the challenges of an ageing European population
B) to help provide adults with pathways to improve their knowledge and competences

What “Celebrating Seasons” is about

The “Celebrating Seasons” Project brings together a partnership of rurally based organisations from Cyprus, Germany, Iceland, Slovakia and the UK. Each of the partners shares a set of common issues in striving to “regenerate ” rural communities and economies. With fewer young people returning to rural areas after Higher Education, it is clear that we must empower older learners with the confidence to re-enter education, develop new skills and have access to the range of European opportunity and experience-sharing which is far more accessible to younger learners in formal education establishments.

As the name suggests, the “Celebrating Seasons” theme focuses on the ways in which we mark the passing of the year and celebrate the passing seasons all across Europe. This is a uniting theme, one that is accessible to all. Each of the adult learners will already have some knowledge of seasonal events, traditions and associated crafts/products in their own region. This is a chance for adult learners to see how others traditionally celebrate important changes in the year. The learners practice new craft skills associated with seasonal activity in the host country, share experience and knowledge of their own region and develop a greater appreciation of the place of their own cultural landscape within a broader European context. Celebrating Seasons aims to break down percieved barriers to re-entering education or pursuing further training.

The partnership created within this project has experience of working with adult learners in the rural environment, including specific disadvantaged groups, such as adults with learning difficulties, long term unemployment, women returning to education, immigrants and adults seeking to re-train.

Why “Celebrating Seasons” was developed

The “Celebrating Seasons” project was developed in a response to to a recognised need among the partners to share experience and best practice in providing informal learning experiences for adult learners in the rural environment. In particular, the projects seeks to provide a European perspective for adult learners from rurally isolated regions. Celebrating Seasons aims to break down percieved barriers to re-entering education or pursuing further training, as well as giving the participants an experience that is hoped will give them inspiration adn the confidence to pursue Further Education.

All the participants involved int he project will not only learn from their host country, but will also have the chance to host their fellow members of the group. It is hoped that through this, the participants will develop confidence in organisation and planning and should develop a greater sense of pride through sharing aspects of their own seasonally linked traditions with other countries. This will also be a confidence building experience and will serve to break down pre-conceptions that Europe is of no relevance to their own situations. Learners will have opportunity to share their own experiences of living in rural Europe and will come to realise that we all face common challenges in rural communities and economies.

For more information about what each country has planned, please select a link below to go to that country’s “Celebrating Seasons” webpage.