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Engaging Volunteers in European Heritage Discovery – EVEHD.

The EVEHD project has grown out of over 14 years of European co-operation, between Grampus Heritage & Training and a number of core partners.

The partners in the project are coming together because of common interests in engaging volunteers to undertake a broad range of historical research tasks, ranging from archaeological surveying, excavation, care for artifacts, reconstruction, restoration of holy wells and sacred water sources & re-enactment.

The project comes at a time when the cultural and creative industries sector is suffering because of the economic crisis. History, archaeology and the arts present a ‘soft target’ when politicians need to instigate austerity measures. A downturn in the sector leads to less cultural enrichment of people’s lives and social problems.

By engaging volunteers in historical research, we seek two complimentary outcomes – empowerment of individuals through connection or re-connection with the local cultural landscape and the discovery of ‘self’; also, a harder edged commercial outcome of volunteers aspiring to develop a career in the cultural and creative sector – either training as local guides for cultural tourism or entering into further and higher education – potentially an international education involving these or other partners and a downstream access through the Lifelong Learning Programme’ (LLP) – which these partners plus others in a broader network, operate within.

Others will remain as happy and more-fulfilled volunteers and the sector needs such as these, especially in such hard economic times.

For more information about the project, please keep visiting our website, or visit the facebook group, which will also be updated as the project continues.

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