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Exchange of innovative teaching and learning methods in the craft and service sectors (EITA)

project duration: 15 Dec 2019 – 14 Dec 2021 (extended to Aug 2022)

involved Organisations

Bildungshaus Heideland HVHS (Lead partner, Germany)

Asociatia “Satul verde” (Romania) on facebook

Litla Brauðstofan (Iceland)

Kato Drys Community Council (Cyprus)

Lisov Museum (Slovakia) on facebook

Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd. (UK)



The partners in the project are coming together through Erasmus+ funding , because of common interests in supporting rural areas and their long history of collaboration. The purpose of EITA is to take a close look at vocational educational training in the below area’s and enable the workshop participants to pass gained knowledge and skills on to their local community (including educational institutions)

  • cultural heritage and wellbeing (tourism, landscape management…)
  • sheep herding and wool processing
  • food industry: bread and cheese production and marketing
  • different local raw materials like honey and vegetable oils (from bee keeping to olive and almond harvesting and processing)
  • sustainable agriculture and horticulture (herbs, fruit trees and vegetable growth)
  • different handcrafts (Lefkara lace, embroidery etc) and others

Expected outcomes:

The involvement of different partners from north, west, east and south Europe will enable us to show and reflect on very regional approaches on the same subject and to provide this knowledge to others by putting it into easy to access learning units. Each partner has identified a “specialism” that is useful to some or all of the others.

We are hoping to create useful modules on above subjects.


Project meetings and workshops

kick off meeting: 13-19 Jan 2020 in Pressel

Romania workshop: 14-20 Aug 2021 in Sibiu  EITA program 14-20 Aug 21 Romania

Slovakia workshop: 21-27 Oct 2021 in Lisov Program EITA workshop_21-27.10.2021

Cyprus workshop: 9-15 Nov 2021 in Kato Drys EITA full partner action in Cyprus

Cyprus midterm meeting: 1-5 March 2022 in Kato Drys

Germany workshop: 2-8 April 2022 in Pressel we are looking for  2 participants! program: HVHS EITA Workshop Germany 02. to 08.April 2022

Iceland workshop: 3-9 May 2022 in Hveragerði (will feature Skyr making, bread baking, geothermal energy, greenhouses and more) programm.EITA Workshop Iceland may2022

UK workshop: 16-22 June 2022 in Cockermouth

UK: final project meeting 10-12 Aug 2022 in Cockermouth 


For more information about the project, please keep visiting our website or get in touch if you would like to know more or get involved: jessica@grampusheritage.co.uk or enquiries@grampusheritage.co.uk