Fostering Adult Learner Empowerment through Storytelling And Folklore

FALESAF is an EU-funded project which promotes inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue, and increases adult learners’ knowledge and experience through storytelling and folklore. 5 Partners from across Europe- Bulgaria, England, Iceland, Ireland and Germany- will host workshops, education sessions, storytelling events and pedagogical seminars which are open to all but specifically targeting families, senior citizens, persons with special needs and disadvantaged social groups.


2 year project, 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2013


Bulgaria: Devetaki Plateau Association- Letnitsa
England: Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd
Iceland: NAVE – West Fjords Natural History Institute
Ireland: Brigit’s Garden
Germany: Wisamar (Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnuetzige GmbH)

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  • provide access to learning for older citizens
  • promotion of Active Ageing- increased confidence for participants to re-engage in education and actively engage in society
  • encourage and assist with intercultural dialogue between older and younger citizens
  • increase participants’ knowledge of their own culture, traditions & region (whilst supporting their journey back into education)
  • encourage active citizenship- through 9 ‘work packages’ we engage learners from socially, geographically and economically disadvantaged regions, whilst offering training and support to learn storytelling techniques, folklore and music.

Expected Outcomes:

  • increased mobility for adult learners (over 80 adult learners will be mobilised)
  • new skills & experience gained- tangible Learner Resources created, pathways to education opened throughout our partner network and social cohesion improved for all participants
  • preservation of cultural heritage and increased cross-cultural awareness.
  • creation of an Education Pack- incorporates techniques, case studies, examples of methods/stories/art/interpretation for learners
  • launch a database of contacts for future learning and support
  • web-site and DVD of all events/achievements

Ways to get involved:

The project is open to everyone- if you would like to travel and meet other like-minded people from across Europe, then contact the relevant organisation from your own country. Each partner will also host an ‘action’ in their own region, which will feature lots of exciting events and typically last for 3 days- you’re welcome to ‘drop in’ or spend longer getting involved and learning in a relaxed, informal and fun atmosphere! Contact any of us for more information, or visit for more details