(project duration 1st Jan 2016 – 31st Dec 2017)

PRIDE is supported by the EU Erasmus Plus programme and is an adult education staff mobility partnership.

Participants are drawn from a UK consortium of partners from (mainly) Northern England and Scotland like WICAT, National Trust, Wardell Armstrong, Natural England, Yorkshire Dales NP, Earth Doctors, Crosslanes, VAR Initiative,  Sublime Foundation,  The Environment Partnership, Hayton Castle, Forestry Commission  Moorforge and Woolclip.
The placements are fully funded apart from getting to the UK departure point.
All the places revolve around dedicated training courses from the ‘Green Village’ suite of certified units. They were created over a 3-year period by 8 EU partners led by Grampus Heritage. All the courses carry ECVET points as well as certification for CPD. The Green Village curriculum is called “Sustainable Rural Development – Focus on Culture and Nature” and the course modules are available to download on the right hand side of this page.

The Cypriot partners in Green Village developed ‘Empowering Communities’ training courses through a bi-communal work between Panayiota Demetriou and Senay Ekingen, Greek and Turkish Cypriot ladies respectively and this demonstrates that the ethos of PRIDE and Green Village is about sustainable rural development irrespective of faith, ethnicity or gender. The Green Village is free and open to everyone.

Panayiota and Senay (cypriot hosts) working together and with their students. Please see the picture at the top right.


previous placements:

Denmark – Re-Living the Viking Age – from 4th –  10th May 2016 – 6 spaces FULL

Slovakia – Introduction in Horse-logging – 29th May – 4th June & 9-16 July – 5 spaces FULL

Slovakia – Iron Age Roundhouse Construction   13-20 June 2016 – 6 spaces FULL

Cyprus – Shepherd Inspired Fashion  3-10 June 2016 – 6 spaces FULL

Iceland – Iron casting workshop  17-24 July 2016 – 6 spaces FULL

Romania – Mask Making  7-13 Aug 2016 – 6 spaces (programme-mask-making)

Slovakia – Loom weaving course 21-28 Aug 2016 – 6 spaces FULL (programme-loom-weaving)

Germany – Built Heritage Reconstruction with sustainable local Materials 24-31 Aug – 8 spaces FULL

Bulgaria – Balkan Crafts  4-10 Sept 2016 – 6 spaces  FULL (placement-programme)

Slovenia – sustainable Lifestyles 10-17 Sept 2016 – 6 spaces  FULL (programme-sustainable-lifestyles)

Cyprus – Forests, Trees & climate change  9-16 Oct 2016 – 7 spaces FULL (programme-forests-and-trees)

Bulgaria – Engaging Communities in Sustainable Rural Development  27 Nov -3 Dec 2016 –  6 spaces FULL

Here a link to Sublime Articel Bulgaria Engaging Communities

Cyprus – Autumn Mediterranean harvest – honey, olives, carobs, almonds – harvesting & processing  1-8 Dec 2016 – 8 spaces FULL (programme-cyprus-mediter-harvest)

Cyprus – Hot Lime Church restoration  10-17 Dec 2016 – 7 spaces

Santorini – Living on an Island. Value adding to Food and Distinctive Crafts- 13-19 Febr, 6 spaces FULL programme 12- 19 Febr Cooking Training HCC Feb 2017


Santorini – Living on an Island. Value adding to Food and Distintive Crafts – 19-25 Febr, 6 spaces FULL programme 19-25 Febr Ceramics Training HCC Feb 2017

Cyprus – Working with Stone and Lime to restore cultural landcape (Apliki Church) 27th March- 2nd April 2017, 6 spaces FULL program Church restauration

Cyprus – Maintain Cultural landscape – 18-24 April 2017, 6 spaces FULL programme Maintaining Cultural Landscape

Slovenia – Crafts and sustainable Lifestyles – 26 April – 2 May 2017 6 spaces FULL programme Sustainable Lifestyles

Slovakia – Masks and Celts – 1-7 May 2017, 6 spaces FULL  (Masks and Celts programme

Netherlands – Wood pasture Management I – 21-27 May 2017, 6 spaces FULL Programme Wood Pasture Management

Italy – Ancient Wood. Heritage Wood Buildings – understanding issues and treatments. – 22-28 May 2017, 6 spaces  FULL  programme ITALY ancient wood

Italy – Wood Energy. Energy from Wood and residues. –  22-28 May 2017, 6 spaces  FULL  Programme ITALY wood energy

Turkey – Ancient Sills – 19-25 June 2017, 6 spaces FULL programme TURKEY Ancient Skills

Czech Republic – Organic Fruit Production and Processing – 14-21 July 2017 – 8 spaces FULL (Programme Organic fruit production)

Romania – Rimet Mountain Culture – Practical Vernacular Building Maintaining in a Mountain Village – 24-30 July 2017, 6 spaces FULL  programme ROMANIA cultural rimet

Romania – Neolothic Archaeology – 31st July – 6st Aug, 6 spaces FULL programme ROMANIA Neolithic

Romania – Shepard Fashion – 14-20 Aug 2017, 6 spaces FULL  programme for ROMANIA Shepherds Fashion

Germany – Food and Cookery – 17-24 Aug 2017, 6 spaces FULL  Programme Germany local food and bakery

Netherlands – Wood Pasture Management II – 24-30 Sept 2017, 6 spaces  FULL Programme Wood Pasture Management

Bulgaria – Balkan Crafts II – 2-8 Sept 2017, 6 spaces FULL Balkan Crafts II programme

more details and placement program’s to follow. Please email to if you would like to register interest in on of our placements.


GRAMPUS Heritage and Training offer placements to teachers and trainees throughout Europe, seeking to initiate them into the Green Village partnership and way of thinking. Green Village comprises a number of countries working to protect their traditional practices of economic production, sustainable for communities and in harmony with the natural world. In this short film, GRAMPUS’ founder, Martin Clark, along with participants in the Erasmus Plus course run by Kato Drys Community Council in Cyprus – a Green Village partner, explain the four “pillars of rural sustainability” that form the basis of their work. The film spotlights Grampus Heritage and the Green Village international network partners Kato Drys Community Council and Lefkara Municipality. Green Village is about achieving environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability for a community, a village, an organisation or a product or process.



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