Coring Survey Newton Arlosh Saltworks

Coring Survey

Newton Arlosh Saltworks

Following the completion of our walkover survey on the Solway Marshes, we wanted to look in a little more detail at some of the sites we recorded. To this end, we decided to take some core samples at the salt works near Newton Arlosh. On Monday 30th March,  Don O’Meara talked us through how to take some core samples of the features at this site, and what it is he looks for in the core. This was a rapid assessment in one day to see how effective coring is. In addition to this, we also set up a small grid for the magnetometers to see how effective that method would be on this site.

Both techniques proved effective, showing us how deep the sand layers are before hitting clay and the magnetometers detecting areas of disturbance. Though some of our target areas were not suitable for gridding due to gorse bushes, we were able to walk them over areas that were accessible. A couple of targets were chosen that the magnetometers picked up, and coring proved that there had been some heat and burning done in the area, as they revealed heat affected sand and layers of sand alternating with layers of burning and ash.

A big thank you to Don O’Meara for taking the time to introduce coring to us and all the volunteers who came along to help us, especially when the weather turned towards the end.