Skinburness to Angerton Marsh Walk Over Survey

Skinburness to Angerton Marsh Walk Over Survey

December 2013 saw the first of our walk over surveys for this project in the area of Skinburness and Calvo marshes.

We were aiming to look for and record salt pits in the marsh that are mentioned in the Solway AONB Rapid Coastal Zone Assesment and other documents. We were also looking for new sites which may have been missed from previous survey work. Salt production formed a part of the industry that was controlled in the area by the Abbey. During the walkover survey we located a number of the pits, some localised burning suggesting that the evaporation of brine was carried out at the site and several bridges that define an old trackway along the marsh edge. These bridges may represent medieval monastic infrastructure, connecting the salt sites, facilitating the gathering of ‘sleech’ (salt-rich mud) from the flats and enabling the extraction of the salt from the marsh.

The gallery below contains photos of the pits and bridges we found and the volunteers in action recording them. Many thanks to Mike Bacon and Naomi Hewitt at the LPS for providing some of the photos and thank you to the volunteers who joined us for this a survey, and came back for more despite losing wellies, getting stuck in boggy areas and going home smelling of eau de marsh!

We continued our walk over survey in December 2014, concentrating on the marsh behind Raby Cote, going up behind Newton Arlosh up to Angerton. We carried on looking for evidence of salt works and bridges. We were once again joined by our volunteers, who we would like to say a big thank you to, as they helped us record what we found and made for another pleasant week on the marsh. We achieved our goal of recording from Skinburness right up to Angerton, so now we will work on the report. The gallery below shows some of what we found this year. Many thanks to Ken Needham for providing some of the photos.

The report will be available to download once that is complete.