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Songs In Europe

“Songs In Europe” is an EU Lifelong Learning Grundtvig funded project that will bring the 5 partner countries together to find a song that is known by all. This project is aimed at adult learners from rural areas who want to take part in informal learning actions, experience different cultures and who want to learn new soft skills with the aim of introducing what they have learnt to other members of the community.

The partners:

Germany – Dübener Heide

Slovakia – Krajina SK

Spain –A.E.P.A. GARROVILLAS De Alconetar

Turkey – Nevşehir Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi

UK – Grampus Heritage & Training Ltd

The “Songs In Europe” project developed out of a previous Grampus Grundtvig funded project, “Celebrating Seasons“. During some of the actions, the participants got together in their free time and started exchanging songs. The question of whether there is a song known to all and if it could be sung by all was asked, leading to the development of this project.

During the project, there will be 5 informal learning actions aimed at improving soft skills such as learning to learn, experiencing different cultures and learning computer skills. The actions will be based around singing, dancing and music. These activities are something that is central to rural life and are something that most people take part in at some level. They are also a good activity to use when demonstrating cultural heritage.

The project is specially made for adult learners from rural regions to provide them with a European perspective and show ways of encouraging participation. Participants will look for and present local songs as well as songs known and famous in all countries. That will show the common roots or origin of the songs, how the songs travelled through time, through countries and regions, how they are interpreted in different languages. Studying similar songs in different countries will make people more curious about the interactions between nations. During the actions, there will be a chance to learn songs in the host languange, which will help their cultural understanding of the host country.

As the project progresses, reports and photos will be uploaded to this website, our blog and our Facebook page. After our last action, a songbook will be completed and available on the German action page.

If you would like any information about the project, would like to join us exploring the songs and music of Europe or have any questions, then please contact us. Alternatively, visit our blog to follow the project as it develops.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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