If you are a tutor/trainer at one of our UK consortium institutions, then you are eligible for our trainer placement. Currently we run 2 projects which can fund 1 week trainer placements:

1) Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills (PEATS) in which we can send trainers from either of those subject areas.

2) Partnership for rural Improvement & Development in Europe – PRIDE

These are 1 week funded placement to our host partners, where you will see their training in various heritage sectors. The placements could be used as professional interest, or can be used as part of your CPD.

If this is something that you feel you or your colleagues would benefit from, then please see the information below and contact us to discuss a placement. If this is something that you think your institution should be involved in next year, then please feel free to contact us

Please find more details on our current placements and the application form under downloads on this page.


We just received an article of the newspaper “Cyprus Mail” on one of our trainer and students projects (EASE). Please have a look.

Grampus Heritage and Training Case Study at Erasmus+ website.