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Turkey Action

Nevsehir, Cappadocia

The day after arriving, we were met by Serkan in the morning and taken to the university where we met Anil, one of the tutors in the music department. We were shown presentations from all the partners involved in the project and met the other participants. We were then given a tour around the building, including the theatre where the workshops would be held. We were treated to a song by one of the student using a traditional instrument.
In the evening we had free time to explore Goreme. We walked round the town and saw many horses and ponies which were used for tourist trips. We also discovered the cave and rock dwellings that were used. In some of the uninhabited dwellings, you could see where rooms have been carved out of the rock, which is sandstone.

The next day, we were take back to the campus where we had the singing and dancing workshop. song. We were joined by some of the students. We had a few practices without music, then we had a go with music. Afterwards, Ellen from Germany lead a group song “Bonnie Over the Ocean”. The Turkish students tried to teach us dances, which we had a go at on the stage. Then Slovakia led a workshop, where they showed us some of their dances and got some of the Turkish students to have a go. The evening we were taken to a “Turkish Night”, where we were treated to Turkish food and many performances, including Whirling Dervishes, a Belly dancer, and a variety of traditional Turkish dances performed by both men and women. A fun night for all!

As part of the week, we met the dean of the university, who gave a us a warm welcome and posed for some pictures with us. We had an evaluation, and the rest of the day was for cultural visits, which included one of the many underground cities, an open air museum full of churches carved into the rock, we stopped off at a jewellery place which held very beautiful hand made pieces, and some off use ended the day in a relaxing Turkish bath!
During the evening, we had one last group meal and then we received our certificates, as the Spanish had to leave the next day.

Our last day in Turkey saw us treated to another cultural day. We went on a “Cappodocia Tour”, where we were taken to another city and visited a mosque. We had a lovely few minutes relaxing in the sun by the river. We were taken to a local pottery who offered us the chance to have a go at making something, Miro was volunteered to do this! The pottery workshop also sold what they made, and we were allowed to walk round the shop, which held lots of colourful pottery. Lunch was served out of clay pots which had been sealed so had to be broken open using a large knife, Miro was volunteered to do it. We were also taken to view the Goreme panoramas and were given an opportunity to go to a large shopping mall then headed back to the hotel.
Then we had to say goodbye and started on our long journey home.

I enjoyed my time in Turkey and I found it educational and it helped me learn that I can do anything I put my mind to and it helped me a lot with my confidence and I also enjoyed making new friends. I had fun learning the Turkish songs and dancing and really enjoyed the Turkish baths too. The food was lovely and the people were really friendly too. I was really happy to be given the opportunity to go to Turkey and I was sad to leave.

A video summary of the Turkish action can be seen here


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