PEATS Staff Placements

This page is constantly updated with the dates and itineraries for the staff placements. Please keep checking back, and if you are interested please contact us.

The objectives of the PEATS staff placements are complementary to the strategies outlined by the European Commission and the UK Department for Culture, Music and Sport (DCMS). The project has been designed through open discussion regarding the needs and the experiences of our overseas partners.

The DCMS paper recently identified the need to:

1. Raise the profile of skills issues that are relevant to the growth and development of the creative and cultural industries.

2. Encourage interrelationships between education and the growth of the cultural economy.

3. Facilitate cooperation across regions.

4. Identify skills and entrepreneurship issues that are relevant to the growth and development of the cultural industries.

These needs are addressed in the objectives of our PEATS staff project.

Our Objectives are to:

1. Highlight examples of good practice. European host partners will present their activities and methods of providing creative training in crafts while encouraging participants to appreciate the cultural connections behind these skills.

2 Explore the added value of developing close associations with the creative industries throughout Europe (i.e. bridging the gap between education and real working businesses and practitioners).

3. Encourage entrepreneurship and business start ups in the cultural sector. Hosts will present their own schemes and systems for encouraging real-work placements for their own trainees.

4. Explore the value of cultural/creative crafts in the rural environment.

5. Provide trainers and training planners working in the cultural, craft and heritage sectors in the UK with an opportunity to visit other European training providers who are facing similar challenges.

6. To enable beneficiaries to draw conclusions and comparisons between the UK and host country in terms of training delivery, health and safety, formal and informal environments and the use of social dialogue to stimulate the exchange of ideas in the work place.

7. Encourage trainers to consider including a larger cultural heritage component to their training provision. This should aim to provide an appreciation of the region’s cultural heritage (related to the skills training provided) as well as placing this cultural identity in the context of a wider European shared heritage.

8. To ultimately instill a sense of European citizenship in the UK trainees.

9. To provide trainers with innovative ideas and an approach to training delivery, which complement the LSC, DCMS and EC strategies.

10. To address issues in the wider cultural landscape (i.e., the social catchment to the west), which have elements of environment, culture and community and together are a cornerstone of sustainable rural development.


The following placements have been developed with the international partners of Grampus, over the last 8 years. The trainer Erasmus + trainer exchange provides funded exchange visits for UK trainers to visit organisations in other European countries, to exchange best practice and to establish new contacts and partnerships for future cooperation. Applicants must be professionals in vocational education and training and whose day to day role include the design or delivery of training, professional development and careers guidance, so teachers, trainers, vocational training staff and guidance counsellors can apply, as well as people working within the heritage sector involved with environment, archaeology and traditional craft skills at our consortium institutions.

The Funding

The placements are 1 week long and are funded by the EU Erasmus + scheme, so return UK flights, insurance, accommodation, food (3 meals a day) and airport transfers in the receiving country are covered.

The dates and itineraries for 2020 are still being confirmed, but you can still read up on the partners below where they have websites to see if they would be a good partner to visit.

The countries in which trainer placements are available are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Santorini, Slovenia, Slovakia and Turkey. Spaces fill quickly so to avoid disappointment, contact us to discuss any of the placements.

2022 Placements

registration form link VETPRO staff application form


PEATS Santorini Host: Hellenic Culture Centre      Dates:      No of Participants: 4 (Open for applications)

Topic of the placement: Living on an island-Sustainability lesson  

Please have a look at the student archaeology and traditional skills pages for more information about those placements and the host. If you are interested, please contact us.


PEATS Turkey Host: Sultahnisar Sultanhisar halk egitim merkezi     Dates:  July 2022No of Participants: 4 (Open for applications)

Topic: traditional Turkish Crafts in modern use


PEATS Ireland Host: The Wood Cutter, Steven Burke     Dates:  13-20 June 2022  

No of Participants: 4 spaces available (2 left)

The itinerary for the week includes doing some green wood working at Steven’s home in Graigabbey. Everything on the property is made of wood, which the group are welcome to look around. Lunch during working days will be provided by Tina, who will be using fresh food from her gardens and poly tunnel. If anyone has an interest in gardening, they are welcome to have tour of the garden and poly tunnel. If anyone has any other interests in basket making, interesting buildings, area of conservation and markets, for example, then it is possible for other visits to be arranged.

Cultural visits include going to Athenry and Galway, which are centres for theatre, music and art. Other visits can be arranged.

The group will be staying in bell tents at the farm and need to bring work clothes, boot and gloves (if worn during working) as well as sun cream and hat, although rain gear is also recommended.

If you are interested, then please contact us.

PEAT Portugal Host: Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa de Freixo de Numão  Dates: TBC   No of Participants: 6

The trainer group will go out during the students group dates. As well as working on site, the group will have visits to other sites in the area, free time, and have time to explore Porto before returning.

Site visits can include:

Visit rock art sites in the Côa Valley archaeological park and museum

Visit to the late Neolithic walled enclosure of Castelo Velho (in Freixo de Numão)

Lunch at Quinta de Ervamoira, a famous vineyard that produces Port and houses a small museum (with archaeological findings recovered in the estate area).

Visit to the village and castle of Marialva.

Visit to Numão castle.

For more information about the site, please refer to the PEATS placement page. If you are interested, then please contact us.


PEATS Germany Host: Bildungshaus Heideland      Dates:   2022 dates to come  No of Participants: 6

The groups will be able to visit the various habitats in the naturpark and discuss woodland management. The dates coincide with the student group and allow the trainers to take part in the wood festival alongside the students. There will be cultural visits to other nearby towns, as well as some work alongside the students.

To see the students placement information, please refer to the PEATS placement page. If you are interested, please contact us.


PEATS Slovenia Host: Zavod Logarica      Dates: 18-24 July 2022      No of Participants: 6 FULL

This is an opportunity for environmental trainers to go to our host partner in Slovenia. Their placement focuses on traditional farming, hay meadow management and looking at wetlands and grasslands. The UK trainers will work alongside the hosts and share their knowledge of methods of practice with the hosts and their trainers. There will be visits to other sites and nearby towns. SL PEATS4 staff program

To see the students placement information, please refer to the PEATS placement page. If you are interested, please contact us.


PEATS Bulgaria Host: Devetaki Plateau Association     Dates:               No of Participants: 6

This is an opportunity to go to Bulgaria and learn about their traditional skills, folklore and cultural heritage throughs. For anyone interested in both sectors, this placement offers lots of site visits and town tours, with the opportunity to make your own ceramic project at the EcoArt guest house. Bulgaria PEATS staff Program-5-12.9.2020-PEATS


If you are interested, please contact us.


PEATS Finland Host: Kierikki Stone Age Centre     Dates: 2020 dates to follow     No of Participants: 4

This is an opportunity for archaeology trainers to go and visit the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, seeing the work of the centre over the years and their current aims, the excavation site and take part in the chain saw festival, which is suitable for beginners. There will also be a chance to visit nearby sites and towns.


Possible placements to Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Slovakia.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of these.

We also run Archaeological staff training placements so if anyone has an  interest in any of our partners or wants to visit a new partner, then please contact us to discuss the options.

If you would like any more information or would like to discuss the placements, then please contact us.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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