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PEATS Santorini – Preservation of Buildings & Traditional Crafts Skills

Dates: 1st March – 1st April 2019  CLOSED
Number of UK Participants: 4 (minimum 2 drivers) FULL
Duration: 32 days


2019 will be the second year we are abl;e to offer the placement in Santorini with our new hosts organisayion, the Hellenic Culture Centre. A group of 4 students + an accompanying person will be placed on the island of Santorini for 4 weeks, working with the community to preserve and develop through work including:

Preserving parts of the Byzantine Castle and some local churches

Preparing and adding signs to different spaces in order for the visitors to be guided

Learning traditional pottery techniques

Learning how to create simple musical instruments

The group will carry out this work by learning from local technicians and practitioners, coming into contact with local inhabitants, learning about local customs, visiting archaeological sites and museums, learning from archaeologists and architects, meeting local authorities and associations and participating to the cultural life of Santorini and contact with the locals.

Your host will be Mrs Ifigenia Georgiadou, Director of the Hellenic Culture Centre who will bring you into contact with the local culture, Greek language, people, and customs.

Draft programme (Monday – Friday)

Week 1 (first 5 days): 09.00- 13.30 Arrival, orientation, accommodation. Presentation of Santorini. Health and safety introduction. Walking tour of the Megalochori Village. Introduction to the actual situation in Greece, after 8 years of crisis, learning about work conditions and rules in Greece. Work at the Pre-historical Thira Museum.  13.30-15.00 lunch break &  15.00- 16.00 (except Mondays): Introduction to Greek language and culture. Meeting with local people and local authorities and organizations. Walking tour to the village of Emporeio and its castle. 16.00 – 19.30 free time 19.30-21.00 dinner

Weeks 2-3-4:

09.00- 13.30 work at Symposion Intruments workshop, the Makaris Pottery workshop and other sites (with two 20 min breaks)

15.00- 16.00 or 16.30 (except Mondays) Introduction to Greek Culture Activities like: Greek language lesson, presentations on Greek culture, cultural visits, project work (you prepare something to present to the group), discussion with locals, learning about local customs, cooking lesson and presentation on Greek Food, presentation on Greek Music and singing lesson, walking tour to the village of Pyrgos and its castle, and in the Perissa black beach, presentation on Wine culture of Santorini and wine tasting in a traditional winery, visiting old historical churches and cemeteries on the island.

16.00 – 19.30 free time

19.30-21.00 dinner

Week 4 (last 3 days): Continuing to work on site plus evaluation, EUROPASS preparation, farewell lunch and Certificates presentation.

During weekends: Participating to the cultural life of Santorini, The culture of “Panigyri” Folk Festivals and participating in a folk religious festival, and in a celebration on the National Day on 25/3/19, visiting the traditional Village of Oia and the Ammoudi Bay with special architecture of cave houses and captain houses. Week 4 (last 3 days): Continuing to work on site plus evaluation, EUROPASS preparation, farewell lunch and Certificates presentation.


For more information about Santorini

Accommodation (shared bedrooms): The group will be in a small apartment in Megalochori village, which is a traditional village of the 17th century. The apartment can host up to 6 people in two bedrooms and the living room and has all kitchen facilities needed. Washing machine and hair dryer as well as other house equipment will be at your disposal.

Food: We suggest having lunch at “the Family Bakery” of the village and may have some dinners in local taverns or at your apartment. You need to arrange your food yourself, through the grant money that will be given to you beforehand by GRAMPUS. Please write to  concerning any allergies, special needs, food habits.

Local transportat: The group will have use of a car and have to drive to the work every day (2- 7 km), according to the village and location you will be working in. Please bring your international driving licence. You can agree to use the car also during your free time every day, depending on unanimous decisions. Some fuel money will be provided.



Cultural Programme

During most weekends, Sat or Sunday morning, the group will be doing some cultural visits (churches, museums, places of natural beauty etc)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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