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Green Village Curriculum

The Green Village partnership was led by Grampus Heritage & Training, with a range of partners with the skills, knowledge and experience to get to grips with the European-wide problem of rural decline and decay; Devetaki Plateau Association (Bulgaria), Hylates / Kato Drys Community Council (Cyprus), Biuldungsstätte Dübener Heide Naturpark (Germany), Náttúrustofa Vestjarða – NAVE (Iceland), Sylviron Limited (Ireland), CNR-IVALSA (Italy), Satul Verde Association (Romania) and Ipel Eko s.p.o.l (Slovakia). A ‘Third-Country’ partner Manyatta Youth from Kenya were also a partner and gave valuable insights to ‘Green Village’ with an East African perspective.

The ‘Green Village’ (GV) project (ref: ) was supported by the European Unions ‘Leonardo da Vinci – Multilateral Development of Innovation Programme’, which is part of the ‘Lifelong Learning Programme’ (LLP). The creation of curriculum focused on 4 key areas for sustainable rural development….





…..and 2 more key areas that are more overarching and transversal….

EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES OUR SUSTAINABLE ANCESTORS a final area is ACCESS TO RURAL RESEARCH, a web-based resource that puts science into VET.

This project has ended but we still use Green Village modules in all our various projects to continue the curriculum.

You can download the documents from the project on the right hand side of this page, under “related downloads”

Recently, PRIDE gave Grampus and some of our partners the chance to explore film making, with the films below being the result. The series of videos highlight the Green Village curriculum, focusing on our partners in Romania (Satul Verde), Cyprus (Kato Drys) and Slovenia (Zavod Logarica).

Film 1

GRAMPUS Heritage and Training offer placements to teachers and trainees throughout Europe, seeking to initiate them into the Green Village partnership and way of thinking. Green Village comprises a number of countries working to protect their traditional practices of economic production, sustainable for communities and in harmony with the natural world. In this short film, GRAMPUS’ founder, Martin Clark, along with participants in the Erasmus Plus course run by Kato Drys Community Council in Cyprus – a Green Village partner, explain the four “pillars of rural sustainability” that form the basis of their work. The film spotlights Grampus Heritage and the Green Village international network partners Kato Drys Community Council and Lefkara Municipality. Green Village is about achieving environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability for a community, a village, an organisation or a product or process.


Film 2

A video installation showcasing Lišov Ethnographic Museum’s mask gallery in the context of ancient rural tradition.

Experience the Slovakian ‘burning of the Morena’ and the collection of traditional masks on display in the gallery of the Lišov Múzeum. The piece captures this energetic spring ritual and brings masking to life as even more ancient and energetic art form.

Film 3

Can people support themselves by re-imagining traditional ways of life?

This documentary considers the challenges facing rural Transylvania, one of Europe’s last truly Medieval landscapes, through the lens of GRAMPUS activities:

How to grasp economic opportunities while protecting the environment?

How to enlighten younger people to take up these opportunities?

How to pass on a rich culture and heritage for future generations to appreciate?


Answering these questions involves high emotions, hard truths and technological potential. Watch the full documentary to learn more.

Film 4

‘Welcome to Green Village’ is an introduction to the concerns of the ‘Green Village’ programme.

Part 1: Making sustainability fashionable (00:00) A glimpse into a grass roots, pan-european, sustainable fashion movement, where up-styling, recycling and re-modelling are second nature. Meet people using their passion for sustainability to fuel education and business endeavours.

Part 2: Local culture and heritage in perspective (06:14) The global perspective local culture and heritage gives us on what we have in common. We enjoy fixating over the differences and consuming it’s novelties but can local culture and heritage offer us more? Follow the traditional art of masking across Europe and discover reminders of Europe’s strong links with the Islamic world.

Part 3: Transferring the Green Village programme (13:07)  Green Village is an EU backed initiative which operated in a number of countries to support rural communities in protecting and re-contextualising their traditional ways of life. The aim was to help sustainable and economically viable communities to flourish in harmony with each other and the natural world. Slovenia presents the perfect location in which to consider transferring Green Village and look to the future.


Commissioned by GRAMPUS Heritage and Training. Supported by EU / EU ERASMUS+. Produced by Taskscape Media.