Application Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our “Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills” (PEATS) project. Please read the information below before filling out the application form. Our website has more information about each placement. 

Eligibility and Information

Who can apply and how

The PEATS project is open to students studying in the UK, in environmental related subjects, archaeological related subjects or art, design and craft related subjects, who wish to gain experience of environmental skills, archaeological skills or the rich and varied traditional crafts skills which exist throughout Europe. 

The website is regularly updated so placements will be specified as full as and when this happens. To discuss placement availability either email or telephone on 016973 21516.

To apply, participants are required to complete the application form below and return it by post to Grampus Heritage along with a written reference (preferably by a lecturer or employer) and a copy of the participants’ passport photo-page. Please read and complete the application carefully. Electronic signatures are accepted if they are scanned versions of your handwriting.

Participants must have a UK address and are required to attend the full placement duration. The placements are 32/30 days in duration, 2 travel days and 30/28 days’ work, cultural activities and free time.

Applications received from under 18’s without a parent/guardian’s signature or incomplete application forms will not be considered. Some hosts do not accept under 18’s, so please contact us to discuss.

Incomplete application forms will not be considered. 

When you are applying

Please be aware that you need to be honest with us on your medical history, as if it comes to light that you have not been, it may be that you will not be covered by the insurance, and we may have to discuss with you whether you stay on placement. 

All applicants should be aware that PEATS placements will involve a degree of physical work. Depending on the placement (ie environmental or archaeological based), some may have more physical work than others. 

Only apply if you are interested in gaining experience of living and working in another country. These are work experience placements, so successful applicants will be expected to work during the agreed working hours with their host. These placements can be added to your CV. They are not 3 week holidays.

When deciding on a placement, please think about the conditions you may be facing- hot weather, different types of food, different cultures. In recent years, we have been disappointed by successful applicants who complained about intolerance to hot weather and “foreign foods”. Applicants also need to be aware that the accommodation is shared by the group, and depending on placement, accommodation will be on a catered or self catering basis. 

Some placements offer a vehicle for the group to use, so if you have a full UK driver’s license, then you will need to take it with you if successful.

Successful applicants will be enrolled on our ‘Green Village – Sustainable Rural Development – Focus on Culture & Nature’, completing an ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) qualification in one of our units. Staff at Grampus will enroll you on the relevant unit once you select your placement.

Think carefully about your 2nd and 3rd choices and put down what will interest you as much as your 1st. In recent years, we have been disappointed by a few applicants accepting offers for their 2nd or 3rd choices, then having a negative impact on the placement due to lack of interest. This affects the rest of the group and the hosts.

If you are successful

Successful applicants will be funded by the Turing scheme. Grampus Heritage will transfer the funds to the host partner on the participant’s behalf.

All successful applicants on our placements require a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). It is up to the participant to ensure that they order the card upon acceptance on a placement if they do not already have one. Please ensure that you leave plenty of time for the card to arrive before the placement dates. Please visit the following website to apply for a card.

All successful applicants must have a valid passport, with at least 6 months left on the expiry date from the date you return to the UK once the placement has ended.

It may be necessary for some people to apply for Visas for certain placements and it is up to the applicant to do so.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement, Learner Agreement, and Quality Commitment between the promoter, Grampus Heritage & Training Ltd and their host organisation. They are also required to fill in an evaluation report at the end of the placement.

Successful applicants will be required to fill in and take a credit card sized medical emergency card, which details their medical history and is to be carried with them at all times, in the case of an emergency.

Successful applicants will receive an information pack, which will contain all paperwork to be signed and details of the placements. It is expected that participants read this pack to familiarise themselves with the placement and what will happen as part of their preparation. We have been disappointed in recent years with successful applicants neglecting to read the information provided and going out on placement unprepared, which consequently has had a negative impact on the placement and the hosts. 

Personal Data We are contractually obliged to keep successful applicants’ details for 5 years. Details will only be used for placement purposes, with medical information shared with hosts and insurance.

If you have any questions, please email or phone 016973 21516


As a trainee on an PEATS work placement, you will have insurance cover provided. In order for the insurance policy to be valid, it is necessary for all applicants to advise us of any pre-existing medical conditions etc., and we would ask that you complete the following questionnaire fully.

A pre-existing condition does not mean that you would automatically be excluded from participating.


Please note:-

Any abusive use of alcohol, possession or use of illegal drugs and anti-social behaviour whilst on the work placement will lead to immediate dismissal.  In such instances, travel costs to return home will have to be borne by the applicant.



Participants must be prepared to do the full duration of the placement. The duration of the placements are 4 weeks. If, for whatever reason, the participant is no longer able to do this, then they must notify GHTL staff at the earliest opportunity. If the placement has already started, participants must not remove themselves from the placement without speaking to Grampus staff and their hosts beforehand.


The funding covers basic accommodation based on room sharing provided by the host organisation whilst on placement. 

The funding does not cover accommodation expenses incurred by an individual wanting to pursue activities in free time.  Any costs incurred because of damage to property by participants on placement must be paid for by the individual; GHTL will not be held responsible for these expenses.

[3] FOOD

Placements are either self-catering or the host organisation will provide meals.  If the placement is self-catering then the participants will be given a food allowance each week for 3 main meals per day. If the placement is catered, the funds will be transferred on the participant’s behalf, along with the accommodation and rest of placement costs.


The grant covers a return flight (or ferry) from the UK to the host country.  

Internal travel whilst on placement that is work related i.e. from accommodation to work place and back.  

Internal travel for cultural activities where organised by the host organisation if possible.  

Participants must make their own way to UK airport or ferry terminals. It is the participants’ responsibility to make sure they arrive on time for flights or ferries.   

All participants on Erasmus + placements must ensure that they take care of any travel tickets, as GHTL will not take responsibility for any lost tickets, or costs incurred in securing new ones, once in the participant’s possession.

All Participants must check baggage allowance and rules with their airline, as GHTL will not take any responsibility for negligence.

Where possible, GHTL will endeavour to get flights from other UK airports, but please remember that we can only book what is available. We cannot book flights from more convenient airports if they do not fly the routes.


Whilst GHTL will endeavour to pay for as many cultural visits as possible, we cannot pay for all of them.  Therefore, there will be times when participants will have to pay for day trips, entrance fees etc. themselves.


All participants must have a passport.  You cannot travel abroad without a full valid passport.  There must be at least 6 months left between return date of placement and expiry date of passport. Non UK passport holders must ensure they have a valid visa for travelling for the placement if required and it is up to them to secure their visa. GHTL will provide all supporting documents required.


All participants must obtain an GHIC prior to travel. 


All participants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement, Learner Agreement and Quality Commitment between the Participant, Host Organisation and the Promoter Organisation (Grampus Heritage & Training Ltd)


As a condition of receiving funding, ALL participants are required to provide a report on their work placement for evaluation purposes, details and deadlines of which will be given to trainees upon completion of the placement. This is a requirement of the funding.

About your data.

As a contractor for Turing Scheme Funding, we are contractually obliged to keep the details on your form for 5 years. We will use your details for placement purposes only. With the exception of your medical history, which will be disclosed to your host partner and insurance, your details will not be released to a third party.

Key application commitments

  • You understand that if you are successful, you have to get yourself to and from the UK airport.
  • You understand that if you are successful, images taken of the placement that might include you may be used for dissemination of the project (printed products, Grampus website, Grampus social media) unless you put in writing that you do not want photos with you in used.
  • You understand that if successful, you will be allocated Turing funding to cover the costs of the placement (except personal purchases and any excursions you chose to do in addition to those already organised) during the contracted dates. This is when the insurance cover will start and finish.
  • You understand that if you are successful, as part of your preparation for the placement, you are expected to read all information sent to you about the placement, including accommodation and catering set up, the work you will be doing and the country you are going to be living and working in.