• Grampus was recently awarded money from the Heritage Lottery Fund to continue with our work in and around Papcastle. We have started straight away with our new project, “Discovering Derventio”, with a community excavation at the bottom of Sibby Brow on the Papcastle side of the River Derwent, which has uncovered a series of buildings.

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  • PRIDE: PARTNERSHIP FOR RURAL IMPROVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE PRIDE is supported by the EU Erasmus Plus programme and is an adult education staff mobility partnership. Participants are drawn from a UK consortium of partners from (mainly) Northern England and Scotland like WICAT, National Trust, Wardell Armstrong, Natural England, Yorkshire Dales NP, Earth Doctors, Crosslanes, VAR Initiative,  Sublime Foundation,  The Environment Partnership, Hayton […]

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  • Solway Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) The Solway Wetlands LPS is a 3 year project on the Solway Plain in North Cumbria, funded predominantly by Heritage Lottery Fund and focusing on the landscape heritage surrounding the peat bogs. The project area extends from Allonby to Wigton, up to Finglandrigg Wood, down to Orton Moss and […]

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