• New Opportunity!! Paid Apprenticeship We are looking for an apprentice to work with us during our 2015 excavation. This is paid position, and although accommodation is not offered, the successful applicant will be able to claim travel expenses up to £50 per week. The apprentice will be working with Grampus staff at the site of […]

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  • Grampus was recently awarded money from the Heritage Lottery Fund to continue with our work in and around Papcastle. We have started straight away with our new project, “Discovering Derventio”, with a community excavation at the bottom of Sibby Brow on the Papcastle side of the River Derwent, which has uncovered a series of buildings.

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Upcoming Events

1:30 pm PETS Ireland @ Athenry
PETS Ireland @ Athenry
Jun 27 @ 1:30 pm – Jul 26 @ 2:30 pm
PETS Ireland will involve 3 weeks of a group project. It will be a traditional post and beam construction on site. Steven will go through the process [...]
1:15 pm PETS Cyprus @ Limassol
PETS Cyprus @ Limassol
Jun 29 @ 1:15 pm – Jul 28 @ 2:15 pm
PETS Cyprus will see the group undertake conservation and eco-tourism work.  The emphasis of the placement is on sustainable and local solutions to maintaining and improving biodiversity. [...]
1:30 pm EASE Germany @ Magdeburg
EASE Germany @ Magdeburg
Jul 1 @ 1:30 pm – Aug 29 @ 2:30 pm
EASE Germany will see the group working with a commercial unit in the area around Magdeburg. The placement aims to provide participants with a comprehensive [...]
1:45 pm EASE Bulgaria @ Rousse
EASE Bulgaria @ Rousse
Jul 1 @ 1:45 pm – Aug 29 @ 2:45 pm
EASE Bulgaria will see the group divide their placement between 2 sites. The first site is a Prehistoric site. The group will work on the “Bazovets tell” archaeological [...]

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